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You will get how he or she may look like, what will be negative characteristics and lifestyle. All this information help you to compare compatibility with spouse. We know, you have some questions regarding above predictions of life partner, we try our best to explain you.

This spouse name calculator predicts the possible first letters of your spouse's name which are indications of your spouse birth forename, maybe current name is different because many people do not have their first name according to birth Moon sign. Indeed, no one can tell you the full or whole name of your partner unless the one has super psychic abilities. Yes, Naadi Shastra claims to forecast full forename of your wife or husband, mother and father or children.

Select Baby Names First Letter Alphabet Starts By Rashi

According to astrology, everything is predefined, the God knows and determines who will be your better half, the God keep a name for every person which reflect in a horoscope, astrologers say this as Moon sign Name which decided by planet Moon's position in a birth chart. So, if you find strange alphabet for spouse's forename which you didn't accept, you should look into the horoscope of spouse for birth name letters. But, we know you want to know the current forename so, here is the deal, there are some other indications and conjunctions which can be used to forecast current forename of soul mate.

We are doing research to find out the logic and way for it, when we prepared, we will update this software.

Tips for Entry of Birth Data:

Click the horoscope image for enlarge view. In simple words, the first house sign in horoscope stand for ascendant, it can be one of from Aries to Pisces, the number in the first house tells the zodiac sign of ascendant. You dont have any items in your cart. Click here to order desired services.

Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Newborn Astrology. Rashi, Nakshatra, Naming letters and birth doshas.

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  5. This newborn Horoscope report specially designed for parents who want to know their newborn child Birth sign, Star and Naming letters also birth Tithi and Nakshatra doshas. As per Hindu Astrology, Naming child Namakaran with the suitable Astrological letter Namakshar will help the child to have better future.

    Most of times parents may not be able to contact Astrologer immediately after childbirth, at that time this tool is very helpful for them to check their child Astrological details immediately after birth. No need to worry about finding right naming letters for your newborn, this free online Newborn Horoscope report with Date of Birth and time of birth, service helps you to find your Newborn Rashi, Nakshatra, Charan, Janma Namakshar, suitable letters for naming, Shanti nakshatra and Amavasya, Chaturdashi etc Tithi dosha checking.

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