Capricorn lunar horoscope

The full moon eclipse energy is intense, so retreating inward and getting in touch with your spiritual side might bring you a bit of comfort.

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Throw a few Tarot spreads, hit a yoga class, or just soak up the sun. It never feels good to have the weight of being indebted to someone looming over you — so commit to taking care of business now, Gemini. Waters have been rocky, but being responsible will quell some anxieties.

There have been some lingering feelings and loose ends in your relationships lately, Cancer, and it's weighing on you. Now's the time to take steps toward closing those doors for good. Trust the process. You've got the fire of your ruling planet fueling you to work toward your goals nonstop, but this full moon is begging you — if not forcing you — to take a breather.

When everything in life feels out of control, it's easy for you to turn toward the little details and obsess.

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  • Under this luminary, your love life might be under your microscope. The simultaneous craving to be around people and deep need to do some internal processing is real , so get the best of both worlds by only allowing your inner circle near your energy under this moon. Sometimes silence has the power of 1, stingers full of poison. Instead of lashing out at the energy vampires looming near, kill them with dead air.

    Create a safe, energetic shield around yourself. This full moon eclipse is affecting finances, and in your case, it should actually send some long-forgotten boons in your direction. But pump the breaks until the end of the month when Mercury goes direct and bigger purchases will be easier. Dust yourself off and trust the universal process — it has your best interest at heart.

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    Feeling a bit nostalgic, eh? Sometimes, though, Libra is defending you and supporting your point of view.