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Similar to the standard planetary positions, a declination is measured in degrees.

Declinations Ephemeris 12222, 2020, 2021

Planets generally stay within 24 degrees north or south of the Equator. New students can easily be tripped up by the declination measurements since they look exactly like the standard degrees and minutes of the longitude measurments through the astrological signs. To be clear, declinations are measurements of the plantary locations by celestial latitude in relation to the earth.

Declinations are used in determining parallel and contraparallel aspects. When two planets transit the same latitude, they are considered parallel. For example, if the Moon and Venus both transit through 22 degrees south of the Equator at the same time, then they are forming a parallel.

If the Moon transits through 22 degrees north while Venus transits through 22 degrees south of the Equator, they would be forming a contraparallel. Make sense? We use the parallel and contra-parallel to discover planetary connections. To demonstrate, here is a list or outer planet declination right now.

The formula without latitude

Check to see if these are in aspect 1 degree orb to any of your natal degrees. Also, check your declination list for natal parallels and contra-parallels. They also progress and can be used in return charts, horary, event charts, etc. Give a shout if you want some help.

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You can take a screenshot of your declination list from astro. In what way will you push your communications, within yourself, and with others?

This is all the information we have got on this point at the moment. Can the South Node be displayed in the charts? Yes, there is an option to show the South node on the "Extended Chart Selection" page.

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Just tick the box "Descending Node" in the Additional objects section. Is there a way to save multiple Asteroid settings?

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You can easily do that on your end. Keep a small document on your device, where you have one line like ,,,,, and line 2 as ,,,, and line 3 as ,,,, Each line represents one of your asteroid sets. It takes you three actions to select a particular set: mark and copy click target field and paste click show chart button. Leave mobile view. As one of the largest astrology portals WWW.

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