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On a practical level, Venus in Aquarius is a brilliant time to upgrade your space and beautify your home. Emotionally, Venus in Aquarius finds you especially appreciative of your family blood and chosen. You want to be accepted and appreciated for who you are, and given the space to do your thing. Mercury retrograde begins in fellow water sign Pisces on March 5—you know the drill: avoid singing contracts, watch out for delays and miscommunications, avoid making important purchases, and expect to run into plenty of past hookups, one-night stands, and friends from your old partying days.

This Mercury retrograde, annoying as it may be, is a great time to slow down with your romantic and creative partners and talk about how things have been so far.

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Reflection is good! The creative process ebbs and flows. Now is the time to pause and unwind, not push forward. Ditto in your love life.

Welcome to Pisces season, little scorpion!

Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, bringing massive changes to your relationships. Think back to May through November —some changes began at that time which will move at full speed now. Open yourself up to these transformations—something amazing that you never thought possible could take place!

You will probably notice that the people you partner with are up to some unusual things as Uranus enters your opposite sign, Taurus. Give them space. Expect to run into many eccentric people, too!

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, March 12222

Also on March 6, there is a new moon in Pisces, bringing a lovely fresh start to your love life and your creative relationships. A whimsical energy is in the air as the sun meets Neptune, also on March 6.

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The sun connects with Saturn on March 9, offering a bit of support and wisdom, and Mars connects with Neptune on March 10, encouraging creativity. The sun connects with Pluto and squares off with Jupiter on March 13, making for exciting power moves—just watch out for big egos. Take measured, strategic steps as Mars connects with Saturn on March An important perspective arrives as the sun meets Mercury on March 14, and Mercury clashes with Jupiter on March 15, bringing up big conversations and asking you not to get carried away by out-there promises.

Scorpio: Your daily horoscope - December 03

If something sounds too good to be true, trust your instinct. Mercury and Venus enter Libra, boosting your intuition. An emotional full moon in Pisces takes place today, bringing a climax to an issue concerning your home and personal life. Warrior planet Mars opposes hazy Neptune, and a lazy energy flows. This isn't the day to make important decisions, but an easier vibe flows and you're connecting with friends as Mercury and Venus enter Libra.

A culmination in a conversation that's been brewing takes place during today's full moon in Pisces, but does everything make sense?

Not yet, as action planet Mars opposes hazy, dreamy Neptune. Watch out for sneaky behavior. Career talk picks up as Mercury and Venus enter Libra. Issues concerning cash reach a climax during today's full moon, but a confusing and lazy energy flows as Mars opposes Neptune.

Don't make big decisions today. News from faraway arrives as Mercury and Venus enter fellow air sign Libra. An important culmination takes place in your relationships thanks to the full moon in your sign—however, Pisces, it's important that you don't put your complete faith in people who haven't earned it as Mars opposes Neptune. Arguments go nowhere today, and a lazy energy flows. Mercury and Venus enter Libra, encouraging you pay off debts. Be very gentle with yourself today, Aries, you're exhausted!

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  • Your dreams are especially active thanks to the full moon in emotional water sign Pisces. Let yourself cry.


    Your ruling planet Mars opposes Neptune, and you're feeling insecure. Take it slow.

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    Chatty Mercury and sweet Venus enter Libra, bringing flirty vibes your way. A situation has been building in your social life, and the climax is reached today. You're wondering who you can trust as Mars opposes Neptune. Messenger planet Mercury and you ruling planet Venus enter Libra, bringing some much needed good vibes to your day job and everyday routine.