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I was afraid to have my true voice. I, also, have Echo conjunct Saturn. I have been obsessed with finding my authentic voice, which is a classic manifestation of Saturn conjunct Echo. I had given up Astrology because I thought it was against the Bible. However, after my son died, I surrendered my life to God. I heard a voice at 3 AM tell me to study Astrology.

I prayed for three weeks to make sure it was God. Then, I joined Linda-Goodman. I will not mitigate an aspect or a chart in order to be popular. In doing this, I find my voice. Some people will not like what one says.

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Some will attack you. Some will love you, which is the greater percentage of the time. However, I say all this to say that death was my teacher and death was my guide.

I am here now due to the death of my son. Zoe likes to use her enjoys learning new things, and keeping her mind busy.

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Zoe is must be very confident, probably with a big ego! She is very optimistic, cheerful, and prideful. She is also authoritative, and likes to be on top. If Zoe disagrees with someone or someone slights her, they are the stupid fool. With OR10 parallel Haumea and quintile the Moon a bit of personal sensitive emotions are added to the mix.

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I do not see Zoe's career ever going down the drain. Her aspects give her extreme luck when is comes to public image and career. She wants a BIG career and to create something lasting. There is focus on gaining power and influence in her chosen field, these aspects make her very ambitious. Zoe is a go-getter! Zoe wants to direct others, not the other way around. She may be good at showing restraint and appearing courteous, but she really wants to boss other people around!

The rulers of her midheaven, Mars and Sedna, are well aspected. Zoe will not work for free unless it is something she considers altruistic and fair, and makes her feel better about herself.

Orcus(90482)–Death as Teacher

Charity is not a priority. This also puts energy into communication. Takes the principle of her career and makes her even more focused on building something tangible for herself. Energetically communicating beauty, harmony, and creativity is important to her and her career. The Moon also has a quintile pattern with Jupiter and OR This again, suggest expansive creative feelings.

Zoe needs to be heard, and will always find a way to emote her feelings.

Neptune and Orcus: A Five and A Half Year Dance

I remember there was some controversy with Ms. Saldana, a few years ago. I believe the cover " pounds of fire" or something to that effect.

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She later came out to say that she was that for how small she is she has a lot going on. I believe her! This chart show a real fireball, a highly observant and stubborn person, someone that wants to do new things and reach high aspirations, and has no plans on letting anyone or anything stop her. The Faculty and other astrological groups provide the education for those already seriously interested in the subject to […].

When we talk about transits to the Ascendant, we usually think of the conjunction as being the most powerful.

And indeed it is, for it generally heralds a process of rebirth, anything from a radical change in our appearance to a complete revision of how we see the world, and therefore act in it. Planets […]. I just returned from a long trip to Brazil.

After many hours of flying and waiting at various airports, […]. One of the most important moments for me as a student of astrology was when I realised that no matter how familiar I […].